NORDFROST, 06.02.2013
NORDFROST Seaport Terminal

Wilhelmshaven as a new Gateway to the World:


NORDFROST establishes Wilhelmshaven as port of entry for fresh fruit
with one-stop shopping concept

(Berlin 06.02.2013) For the second time, NORDFROST with its headquarters in Schortens, near Wilhelmshaven will participate with its own exhibition stand at the Fruit Logistica to present the NORDFROST Seaport-Terminal to the professional visitors. Whilst last year the concept of a modern fruit and vegetable logistics centre, at that time still under construction, was presented at the Berlin exhibition, the now completed centre has already proved its efficiency. Since the official opening of the harbour last September, several hundred containers of fresh fruit and vegetables have been received in the storage and handling area of 23.000 sq. metres for climatised and dry storage.

The outstanding location directly at the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven, logistically uniquely positioned with excellent infrastructure and connections, plus the integration of the official food authorities on the premises. These are the foundations for the statement by the NORDFROST Seaport-Terminal that the high efficiency of short distances result in cost and time-saving for the customer and a high availability of goods. Service is the motivation to offer a full tailor-made concept to customers. It is therefore the task of the logistics service provider, who is the market leader for deep freeze logistics in Germany with a pan-European distribution network, to create and to realise the customer´s total logistics chain, from the initial production to the recipient. This includes booking of see-freight via all North European harbours as well as tailor-made value-added services and customers supporting in conceptual and operative quality work. The offer of this total concept has resulted in the fact that existing European customer relations has changed their purchasing practice from CIF to FOB and NORDFROST takes care of their total supply chain. In addition, NORDFROST operates its own port business in the Inner Harbour of Wilhelmshaven and can handle pallet reeferships and can therefore take in fresh fruit as breakbulk in the Seaport-Terminal as well.

There are presently three shipping lines using the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven. Apart from the Asia-Europe Line AE1 and the Costa Rica-Express (CRX) the Maersk Line and the Baltic service from Seago Line are docking. In order to attract other lines to Wilhelmshaven NORDFROST is constantly in contact with shipping lines and carriers. The target is to put Wilhelmshaven on the worldwide map of shipping lines and become established in the global fruit branch. Step by step, larger volumes should be directed to Wilhelmshaven as the new German and European port of entry for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The conditions for this are excellent. With multimodal connections, the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven has the best possible infrastructure available. Excellent nautical conditions along the 1.725 km quay, include short shipping routes and a deep, tide-independent shipping channel suitable for ships of all sizes and a large area for manoeuvring.

A terminal for combined transport connects the location double-tracked to the European rail network. And the A29 Autobahn runs directly into the logistics zone on the harbour. The hinterland transport operates smoothly, as the NORDFROST in-house logistics proves. In co-operation with other chosen companies, the first half year of operation assured a reliable and fast distribution of goods in all temperature classes by truck.

The technical infrastructure of the NORDFROST Seaport-Terminal is path-breaking. Apart from the energy efficient operating of the building, something worth emphasizing are the climate chambers. An innovative feature is the external air exchange which, one and a half times per hour, can exchange and renew the total air volume in the chamber with temperate fresh air. This assures that the highly perishable fruits and vegetables, depending on type, will be kept fresh until sold.

The technical know-how of the NORDFROST Seaport -Terminal, to which proven IT-systems belong is complemented by the experience and knowledge of a 50 man team, who, under the leadership of Gordon Richter, a man with years of experience in the shipping business, and Torsten Reichert (Head of fruit logistics) consists of quality controllers, transport coordinators, shipping agents, experienced dispatching clerks, warehousing logistics experts experienced in temperature controlled storage and technicians.