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NORDFROST, 04.06.2013

Full Service for Deep-Freeze Produce, Fresh Fruit and Dry Goods !


New Directions and Unlimited Possibilities with NORDFROST Seaport Logistics!
Full Service for Deep-Freeze Produce, Fresh Fruit and Dry Goods

(Wilhelmshaven, 04.06.2013) An impressive average of around 3,200 vehicles are loaded and unloaded daily at the ramps of NORDFROST’s nationwide operating deep-freeze warehouses. With a capacity of 3.35 million square metres of deep-freeze storage and a pan-European transport logistics network, NORDFROST is well known as market leader in this field with a full service covering all aspects of logistics up to cross-docking and further distribution of mixed loads to recipients such as supermarkets, kiosks, restaurants and petrol stations throughout Europe.

The highly modern NORDFROST Seaport-Terminal for all kinds of overseas goods was opened in summer 2012. This is the seat of their seaport logistics, the fourth strategic field of operation, in addition to storage, transport and commercial logistics. The organisation of the total international supply chain, from the source of goods to the recipient, is therefore the job of the logistician, including the booking of sea freight via all ports but with an emphasis on Wilhelmshaven.

Company founder and owner Horst Bartels had the terminal built in the neighbourhood of his European Headquarters and deep-freeze warehouse in Schortens, at the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven, Germany’s sole deep-water port. The Logistic Centre is situated directly next to the trans-shipment site of the offshore and onshore, perfectly connected deep-water container port offering high efficiency through short, time saving distances. With a covered area of 23,000 m² it offers complete logistics and the handling of all goods with a concentration on fresh fruit and vegetables. The full-service concept includes all services required from one source and guarantees direct routes to the recipient. The governmental control authorities for food import are also housed in this building and four agencies have long-term rental contracts and work directly at the place of import.

In the meantime Horst Bartels sees the breakthrough of the NORDFROST Seaport-Terminal as Germany´s hub for fruit and vegetables as achieved. Following intensive negotiations, the third fruit customer could be won, one of the three largest German fruit dealers. Europe's most modern fruit terminal has, in a very short time, won the recognition of the branch because of it's highest quality standards, speed, reliability and first class distribution even of small quantities. The experience gained by NORDFROST in network logistics in the deep-freeze sector is of great advantage to the new fresh fruit branch.

Following the landing of around 320 containers of fresh fruit from Asia during the last eight months, mainly honey pomelos, nashi pears and dragon fruits, seven containers of grapes from India were received during the last two weeks. Eight containers of apples from Argentina will arrive this week. As only two shipping lines (the AE1 of Maersk Lines as Asia line and the Baltic service of the Seago Line via the North-East Canal to St Petersburg and Finland) dock at the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven each week, NORDFROST works via other, mainly German ports, and transports the goods overland to the Wilhelmshaven terminal. All fruit business acquired by NORDFROST has been landed via Rotterdam or Antwerp before.

Over and above this, there are definite possibilities for integrating the NORDFROST inner harbour business in the handling of fruit from conventional ships.

The pure booking of ships, without pre carriages or onward carriages and no handling in the NORDFROST Seaport-Terminal can also be carried out by NORDFROST. The first reefer containers of meat have been shipped to the Far East via the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven, also general cargo such as poly-ethylene or wood products via the Baltic Line.

With the new function as overseas freight forwarder for foodstuffs and general cargo, NORDFROST has been able to build up an excellent reputation with both customers and shipping companies within a very short time. The present multiple activities of NORDFROST will lead to more shipping lines for Wilhelmshaven. The company therefore expects further discussions at the transport logistic fail in Munich with this aim.